Day 54: Ish

For your Creator will be your [Ish];

    the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is his name!

He is your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel,

    the God of all the earth.

Isaiah 54:5

“Just as I swore in the time of Noah

    that I would never again let a flood cover the earth,

so now I swear

    that I will never again be angry and punish you.

For the mountains may move

    and the hills disappear,

but even then my faithful love for you will remain.

    My covenant of blessing will never be broken,”

    says the Lord, who has mercy on you.

Isaiah 54:9-10

Ish: Husband

There is something hush-inducing about a man in love. I find myself hardly breathing when I watch them, like some sort of majestic animal in the wild I don’t want to spook. Most of them would clamp down inside their shells if they knew how obvious their love is, but as long as they think no one is watching! I can’t help but think that this is the reason why the universe was created, why women were created, why God made a whole audience of angels in heaven to gasp from afar: to see what a breathtaking thing the pure, sincere love of a man can be.

And then He whispers the most incredible truth: “My love for you is like that, only more.”

Ish, the swooning husband of humanity whose love will not break though the world does, is yours. ❤

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